The Temiskaming Rift Valley Aspiring Geopark is still in the early stages of its development.  As such, our goals as presented here will change as we evolve into a more well established and fully functioning geopark, with strong partnerships and operators.

Our current goals are focused on the short term time frame, covering our focus for the next one to two years.

1. Become a fully accredited UNESCO Global Geopark
2. Develop educational materials on the geological heritage of the Timiskaming Rift Valley
3. Promote and facilitate sustainable economic development through international geotourism
4. Work towards a more united regional tourism strategy for Quebec, Ontario, and First Nations
5. Develop and implement a solid funding model that will sustain management and development of the geopark into the future

There are many tasks and considerable work associated with each of these goals.  If there is an area of interest or expertise that you have that you feel could contribute to our efforts, please feel free to contact us.  We will need lots of help in getting to where we want to go, but the benefits to our communities will make the efforts very worthwhile.