The Temiskaming Rift Valley encompasses a land area straddling the Ontario/Quebec Provincial boundary in central Canada.

Temiskaming (also spelled Timiskaming) is the broad region encircling a large, narrow lake on the Ottawa River system, a lake which has shaped and defined much of the character and cultural history of the entire area, and which has boldly stamped its own name on all of the surrounding countryside on both sides of the provincial border.

Temiskaming is a much varied landscape.  It is not a landscape that would normally be described as grandiose, as might Alberta's Rocky Mountains or Nova Scotia's Cape Breton highlands.  The landscapes here seem, by comparison, much more intimate and friendly.  But Temiskaming does possess a touch of the dramatic, containing not only the highest elevations in Ontario, but also Ontario's deepest canyon.  In addition, the Little Clay Belt and Lake Temiskaming occupy the deepest rift valley in eastern Canada.